Neri&Hu Product Launch | Salone del Mobile 2022June 2022

We don't ask to be eternal beings, but we ask that things do not lose all their meaning.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Salone del Mobile 2022 will be held during June 7-12 in Milan, which is the global benchmark event for the furnishing and design sector. Products and furniture designed by Neri&Hu for Ariake, Ento, La Manufacture, Poltrona Frau, Very Wood, and Wittmann will be exhibited at the Salone and various places in Milan. On this festive occasion, Neri&Hu are pleased to launch a series of new products.


Ariake is a furniture brand founded in 2016 by Legnatec and Hirata Chair, two furniture factories from Morodomi in Saga prefecture, Japan. Named after the nearby Ariake Sea, Ariake also means "daybreak" in Japanese. Utilizing the best of handcraftship and machinery, and inspired by the spirituality of Japanese culture and urban living, Ariake's collections are crafted in Morodomi, Saga, a small town renowned for its furniture industry.

Umu Collection

Umu, the bedroom collection for Ariake, is inspired by the Chinese aesthetic philosophy of "xu shi xiang sheng" (虚实相生). The dichotomy inherent in this notion — "solid" and "void" — is interdependent and productive in nature; together, they create "space" as we know it. The bed design is composed of a utilitarian structural frame that then accommodates various attachments and accessories. The idea is to consolidate many of the bed and bedside functions into one piece, with three different configurations to suit different spaces and needs.


Founded in 2018, Ento's journey began with the idea of separating modern production from the Salice Paolo catalogue, a historic company in the classic handle sector since 1937. The brand's payoff is "the handle completes the project": an idea already expressed by the name Ento itself, which is the final part of the word "complemento" (complement).

Zai Collection

"Zai" means "again" in Chinese. To create this emotional resonance, the Zai collection is inspired by the timeless aesthetic of the flat metal profile, with a gentle radius bend that forms to the curvature of our hands. Fabricated in brass with various finishes, the tactile feeling of the cold metal material in the hand is balanced by the visual refinement of the rounded shapes.

La Manufacture

La Manufacture is a brand where design and fashion collide and where a certain "je ne sais quoi" of French allure meets the best Italian craftsmanship. At La Manufacture, the idea of French lifestyle is (re)interpreted by world-renowned international designers. Each collection highlights world-class craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics and enduring quality.

Intersection Collection

"Intersection" resembles life in a monastery both in manner and discipline. The idea of using simple wooden planes as the structure to create a sculptural form for both the oval table and the round chair evokes a sense of traditional ritualistic furniture expressed in cleaner lines.

April Chair

April is the fourth month of the year and its name is derived from the Latin word aperit, which means "to open". Neri&Hu's April Chair for the traditional brand La Manufacture is to open a new way of looking, a refreshing point of perceiving.

Poltrona Frau

Founded by Renzo Frau in 1912, Poltrona Frau has been a leader in the world of "Made in Italy" furnishings. Poltrona Frau values artistic aptitude and meticulous craftmanship, using only the highest-quality raw materials which makes it the ideal go-to for high-end furniture for the home and office.

Ren Extension Free-standing Bookcase

The collection's name refers to the Chinese character "ren" which means people. Since the very inception of the language itself, appearing in oracle bone inscriptions, the two simple strokes are a pictographic representation of the human figure. Every piece consists of two "ren" forming the main structure in wood, carrying between them the secondary structures. Going beyond the accessories category, Ren Extension not only provides functionality, but also begins to define the space of a room.

Very Wood

Very Wood is an Italian chair maker, combining functional design with a passion for wood, artisan craftsmanship, and attention to details and quality of natural materials. Very Wood delivers a collection of classic designs "Made in Italy", revisited and re-interpreted for today's environments.

Saturday and Sunday, The Weekend Series

The Weekend Series honors the core ethos of Very Wood, which marries function and craftsmanship. Neri&Hu's design revolves around the idea of each material representing a distinct function, and through explicit constructions, forms a visible hierarchical relationship. Starting at the top is the curved backrest which utilizes the flexibility of bentwood to create a comfortable support without additional structures.


Wittmann, now in its fifth generation, manufactures the highest-quality designer upholstered furniture using traditional handcraftsmanship. For more than 120 years, Wittmann has been known for precision, individuality and unparalleled expert craftsmanship. Wittmann still handmakes its furniture, exclusively at the headquarters in Etsdorf, Lower Austria, to the same exacting standards to this day, drawing on unique expertise that is handed down from one generation to the next. They combine distinctive design with masterful craftsmanship to create meaningful and expressive furniture and lifestyle statements that last.


For the design of this sofa, Neri&hu sought a departure from those typically bulky sofas of non-descript shape, considering it rather as an elegantly elongated armchair. Using the classical arch geometry in an extrusion to form the arms and back, this sofa exhibits a beautifully minimal line and clean volumetric expression. To lighten the object's massing, a fabric is applied as a slipcover, giving a layer of softness to suit any modern interior.

Besides a series of new products exhibited in Milan, Neri&Hu is pleased to share with you our latest design for De La Espada

De La Espada

De La Espada was founded in 1993 by Luis De Oliveira and Fatima De La Espada. De La Espada specializes in solid wood. Each product is meticulously detailed and engineered to last a lifetime. De La Espada products are imbued with warmth and meaning brought by the hands that bear them.

98.6°F Collection

In 1868 a German physician determined 98.6 °F to be the average body temperature after taking over one million temperatures from 25,000 individuals—this temperature has since become the widely accepted benchmark for "normal" body temperature. The 98.6 °F collection is also deceptively simple in its outward presence—it is a versatile yet modest collection of wooden chairs and tables for everyday use. Upon closer examination, one begins to appreciate the tectonic sophistication of the pieces.

Partners-in-charge: Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu

Design team: Nicolas Fardet, Ath Supornchai, Kany Liu, Wanru Lee

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