Neri&Hu Exhibition | The Reinterpretation of Works in Permanent EvolutionJune 2021

Due to popular demand, Neri&Hu's solo exhibition Works in Permanent Evolution has now relocated to Design Republic · Design Commune in Shanghai after the exhibition at Tongji University's College of Architecture and Urban Planning in April. The exhibition adds an additional chapter covering Neri&Hu's interdisciplinary approach with an additional section covering their product design.

>Questioning the notion of nostalgia rather than being simply regressive offers a productive means to engage with issues of heritage, collective memory, displacement and urban renewal.The exhibition has seven categories: Reflective Nostalgia, Nomadic Voyeurism, Dwelling, Inhabitable Strata, Recasting Vernacular, Future Artifact and Objects. Each category comes with its own set of unique issues related to how one seeks to meaningfully engage with the pre-existing built environment and established social structures.

How can interdisciplinary design better understand our contemporary conditions, and how might they adapt to better address and support the challenges these conditions present? Speaking to these questions, the exhibition Works in Permanent Evolution presents the firm's works in the past fifteen years.

The exhibition has also taken its time and listened in earnest to ways in which architecture and the built environment can respond more aptly to, and at times anticipate, our changing set of needs. While contemporary values are rapidly reshaping our urban typologies, architecture is not only responsive to, but can also forecast and even influence the direction of society through spatial endeavors.

Through curated architectural models, architectural research, and designed objects, the exhibition critically captures where we are at this moment and points to the urgent need for a progressive spatiality born of our contemporary socio-political relationships.

Neri&Hu: Works in Permanent Evolution

Duration: 10am-7pm, everyday, June 4 – July 3, 2021

Venue: Design Republic · Design Commune 3F, 511 Jiangning Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai