Neri&Hu Exhibition | Neri&Hu's solo exhibition at MAXXI will open soonNovember 2021

Neri&Hu's solo exhibition Traversing Thresholds curated by Domitilla Dardi, will open on November 19th, 2021 at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) in Rome, Italy. The exhibition as the fourth edition of the "Studio Visit" program co-presented by MAXXI and Alcantara, will last until February 6th, 2022.

With Trasversing Thresholds, Neri&Hu investigates and addresses the archival work of Carlo Scarpa in the MAXXI Museum. The exhibition reinterprets Scarpa's notions of the architectural threshold by examining ways in which the architect explored conditions of materiality, voyeurism, and the concept of circulation to create expressive and intimate moments within his designs. Using the same attention to craft and detail that characterized the work of Scarpa, Neri&Hu seek to highlight the tactility, versatility, and elegance of Alcantara materials within architectural design.

Studio Visit
The "Studio Visit" program is co-presented by MAXXI and Alcantara. For each edition, the designers have been invited to dialogue with the work of one or more Masters of the MAXXI's permanent architecture collection. Each designer has dedicated time to researching, archiving and providing a key to read the architectural-design heritage by using Alcantara as their principal language of interpretation.