Neri&Hu Exhibition | Neri&Hu: Works in Permanent EvolutionApril 2021

In a comprehensive manner, Neri&Hu: Works in Permanent Evolution presents the practice’s architectural works in six main categories: Reflective Nostalgia, Nomadic Voyeurism, Dwelling, Inhabitable Strata, Recasting Vernacular, and Future Artifact.

The exhibition examines a series of contemporary issues in various global contexts and aims to shed light on how the firm grounds its work — by maintaining an intellectual inquiry into adaptive reuse and the role of history, reimagining spatial legibility associated with voyeurism, tectonics and the use of poché, searching for a connection back to the vernacular, and the role of collective memory and fragments.

The exhibition showcases built, unbuilt and speculative work through models, many of which have never been shown before. Seen as a dialogue between multiple factors in continual flux, the exhibition aims to distill and capture a moment in time of Neri&Hu’s evolution.