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Manifesto | Graphics

Manifesto is an independent bilingual publication developed for Shanghai design retailer Design Republic and created by neri&hu. Manifesto started as a slim volume about furniture and brands but has extended beyond being a marketing tool for design republic, becoming a manifesto of both design republic and neri&hu’s ideologies – it has become an extension of who we are as an inter-disciplinary practice. Each issue of Manifesto explores areas of contemporary culture, design, architecture, art and fashion, challenging our normative perception of design. Manifesto engages creative minds in a collective discourse on issues related to design and its impact on the world we live in.

neri&hu develops all content and designs each issue.

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Red Dot Award:Communication Design 2010, by Red Dot Design Museum, GermanyManifesto, “red dot” Distinction For High Design Quality
Design for Asia (DFA) Award 2009, by Hong Kong Design Center, Hong Kong, ChinaManifesto, Publication of Communication Design category, Bronze Award