Vanke Model Home
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Vanke Model Home

For the design of the two model homes Neri&Hu Design and Research Office was given the brief that this is to reflect a “modern Chinese” living with two family units for us to consider. Neri&Hu designed the interior spaces, and Design Republic sourced all the interior furniture and decorative items.

Unit I - design professional couple with a young girl
The designer unit focuses around a central, double height space above the dining room, where the space is defined by a wooden screened “cage”. This gives the overall architecture a unifying theme, making this high ceiling space more intimate. The material offered as interior finishes are warm but chic at the same time. They offer a beautiful backdrop for the ultra-modern furniture spread across the different rooms in the unit. Many of the furniture are iconic modern pieces, defining the modern artistic and design taste shared by the couple who lives there. Within the living spaces one sees traces of the owner’s design profession becoming part of their home decoration.

Unit II - Three-generation family living in a contemporary house
Derived out of the “duo bao ge“ concept from Chinese furniture, this house unit utilizes its “side strip”, defined as a storage shelving unit and circulation, as the characteristic element of this house. The three generations are each given a storage unit, and each exhibit different hobbies/obsessions on their designated shelves. On the ground level by the living room, the grand parents showcase their collected porcelains and pottery. On the basement level next to the child’s play and learning area, the child displays his artwork and paintings. On the third level master bedroom, the parents collect their calligraphy tools and other artifacts.

The remaining spaces are decorated in a more conservative, tailored scheme of furniture and collectives, showing a very livable ensemble of designed furniture and lighting.

Gross Area
Unit I 160 m² ; Unit II 190 m²


Completion Date

August 2010 –

3333 Jinhai Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

Perspective Awards 2010, by Perspective Magazine, Hong Kong, ChinaVanke Model Home, Interior Design - Residential category, Certificate of Excellence
Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2010, by Hong Kong Interior Design Association, Hong Kong, ChinaVanke Model Home, Sample Space category, Gold Prize
Taiwan Interior Design 2010, by Chinese Society of Interior Designers, TaiwanVanke Model Home, Living Space, Category TID Award