The Canvas and the Plinth for Stellar Works
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The Canvas and the Plinth for Stellar Works

The installation, The Canvas and the Plinth designed by Neri&Hu, is meticulously curated to evoke a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary vision. In line with Marco Zanuso's vision of integrating design and architecture, Neri&Hu, Stellar Works’ creative directors, have approached the exhibition by crafting an installation that blends with the existing structure. The Canvas and the Plinth pays homage to Zanuso’s 1946 collaboration with Gianni Dova, seamlessly transforming an industrial carport into an immersive space with red clinker tiles, a tensile structure, and black steel frame windows. Stellar Works’ installation goes beyond a mere display: it's an architectural ballet that intertwines art and space, echoing Zanuso's vision of a profound connection between painters and architects.

The Canvas and the Plinth is a dynamic and multi-dimensional journey through design and innovation. Large canvases suspended from a tensile structure, unfold a captivating architectural layer and the stage is set with a plywood platform, inviting exploration and unveiling Stellar Works’ new and existing collections which includes a series of collections for contemporary living environment designed by Neri&Hu.

Stellar Works, Japan