Stellar Works | Qi Collection
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Stellar Works | Qi Collection

The Qi Sofa is named after the traditional Chinese concept of a “small sleep” typically occurring at noon. This type of daytime rest usually takes place on a Luohan Chuang (chuang meaning “bed”), which is actually a deep bench that allows the dual functionality of both sitting and sleeping. Like a modern-day sofa, it was often used for both entertaining guests as well as private moments of repose.

Another design influence is the work of French designer Jean-Michel Frank, whose pieces were understated and minimal with mixed materials. The design for Qi therefore combines the wooden structural base of Luohan Chuang with a simple padded platform and cushions above, providing comfort for either seated or reclined positions. The collection consists of three variations: one, two and three-seater sofas, in wood with textile upholstery. Various combinations can suit many types of living spaces, while offering a subtle Asian aesthetic in the contemporary context.

Stellar Works, Japan