Stellar Works | Mandarin Collection
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Stellar Works | Mandarin Collection

Neri&Hu’s design for the Mandarin series pays homage to the Art Deco influence on Shanghai in the 1930s, whose architectural legacy is still found in many parts of the city today. Inspired by the unique confluence of Western and Eastern ideologies during that time, the structure of the pieces takes cues from the expressed joinery and hierarchy of Chinese carpentry, but at the same time, breaks the rigidity of traditional imperial furniture with upright stiff backs and flat seats.

The leather elements in the Mandarin series are shaped in gentle curving lines; they can be said to have roots in the mid-century experimentations with molded plywood that are a cornerstone of Modern furniture. As a result, the pieces have an unmistakably contemporary look and feel, while harkening a sense of connection to history and culture.

Stellar Works, Japan