Stellar Works | Inter Collection
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Stellar Works | Inter Collection

In creating this collection, Neri&Hu attempts to harness the inherent beauty of humble materials, to combine and transform them into pieces that tread the fine line between sculpture and furniture, art and function. The balanced interplay of vertical and horizontal elements not only defines the overall form and volume, but allows each individual element to provide a specific function, such as hanging or surfaces for placing small items.

Neri&Hu intentionally introduces a dualistic contrast within each piece—wood versus metal in materiality, tube versus plank in form. This duality not only enriches the overall visual appeal but also enhances the collection's versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of spaces. Within this collection are two distinct pieces that echo the same design spirit. One, standing tall, serves as an open coat hanger, while the other, with a lower profile, functions as a console.­­

Stellar Works, Japan