Stellar Works | Cabinet of Curiosity
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Stellar Works | Cabinet of Curiosity

“secrets &..” by Neri&Hu is the first edition of A Cabinet of Curiosity, an ongoing series to be launched in subsequent years, slowly peeling away the hidden to finally satisfy the curiosity in all of us.

In “secrets &..”, the seven deadly sins are represented by seven symbolic objects of everyday life. The Cabinet of Curiosity holds these objects linked to the many secrets of our personas that we wish to reveal, mask or memorialize.

Accompanying the representations of “sins” in the cabinet will be unspeakable secret notes written by the people driven by curiosity, each sealed in an envelope. The secrets give strength to the sins, providing them structure and comfort; filling each gap with their noisy silence.

The wooden cabinet with glass doors rests on a metal trolley inspired by scenes from a ceramic factory, before the cart enters the fiery furnace. The furnace represents trials and tribulations we all encounter in life, from which we offer up sweat and tears, pain and pleasure. Yet it is through the burning of these sins and secrets that we walk out white as snow. Secrets revealed. Or secrets concealed. That is up to us.

Stellar Works, Japan