Poltrona Frau | Xi Light
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Poltrona Frau | Xi Light

The new light design by Neri&Hu is named XI, based on the Chinese word that means both “light of dawn” and “praise of wisdom”. For Poltrona Frau, a brand that is known for its expertise in leather, Neri&Hu has chosen to use saddle leather as the main structural support that cradles a light source made out of a composite of sand blasted glass and colored (blue, green & yellow) glass.

The soft and misty light quality evokes that of the early morning sunlight, drawing from the ancient understanding of the word XI, which points to the sun's illumination from 5am to 7am. As light is understood by different cultures in different ways, Neri&Hu hopes that this light will bring a sense of wisdom that allows one to appreciate that the beginning of each day is connected to the beginning of life, and that with each dawn one gains a fresh start.

Poltrona Frau, Italy


“As dawn fades to dusk, the trials of life endure.”
Tao Yuanming, Rhapsody on Stilling the Passions (Xianqing fu)