Poltrona Frau | Ren Extension Collection
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Poltrona Frau | Ren Extension Collection

The collection’s name refers to the Chinese character “ren” which means people. Since the very inception of the language itself, appearing in oracle bone inscriptions, the two simple strokes are a pictographic representation of the human figure. The longer stroke leans over gently while the thickened short stroke forms a steady base to support the other—one could say that the two depend on each other for stability, which is exactly the tectonic expression of parts that is featured in each item of the collection. Every piece consists of two “ren” forming the main structure in wood, carrying between them the secondary structures, also in wood. Functional elements sitting atop are softer with curvilinear contours, wrapped in rich leather, while bronze details add a touch of luxury to the design. The extension to Supporting Ren series adds a Chair, Love Seat, Bookshelf, Magazine Rack, and Table Mirror to the collection. Going beyond the accessories category, these pieces not only provide functionality, but also begin to define the space of a room.

Poltrona Frau, Italy

2017 - 2022

A&D Trophy Awards 2017, by Perspective Limited, Hong Kong, China Supporting Ren Extension for Poltrona Frau, Best Furniture Category in Product Design, Best of Category