Moooi | The Emperor Light Series
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Moooi | The Emperor Light Series

This oversized light was inspired by a made-believe folklore story of an Asian emperor and a beautiful nightingale…

Once upon a time an Asian emperor was given a nightingale as a gift. The bird was so beautiful and sang in such a bewitching way that the emperor fell immediately in love with it and decided to keep it forever by his side.

So the nightingale was put in a beautiful, majestic cage in the imperial chambers and became the delight of the emperor’s days…

Neri&Hu took on a modern translation of this story and produced a collection of pendant/floor/desk lamps in stained woven bamboo.

The poetics of an emperor’s life, a life no longer relevant in today’s world, can be abstracted in the form of an object such as the light. The use of hand-crafted bamboo weaving in an industrial product creates an elegant yet uncanny design statement.

A lamp so particular and majestic that it could become your personal nightingale… forever by your side to brighten up your days.

Moooi, Netherlands


Perspective Awards 2010, by Perspective Magazine, Hong Kong, ChinaThe Emperor, Product Design - Lighting category, Certificate of Excellence
Taiwan Interior Design 2010, by Chinese Society of Interior Designers, TaiwanThe Emperor, Furniture, Primary Selected