LEMA | Bai Lu
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LEMA | Bai Lu

Named after the Chinese sub-season of the second week of September, when the product was designed in Shanghai, Bai Lu is an attempt to create a modern chair with a sense of the poetry from the season it was born.

The chair is made out of open pore black-stained ash. The structure of the chair frame and the scroll-like seating plane are expressed deliberately as separate entities, adding to the delicateness and lightness of the appearance. Both entities have their own strength and function, and are gently adhered to one another.

Comfort is achieved with soft curves of the ply-wood plane at the edges, and the plane gently hugs the body where the body touches the plane. The structural frame forms also the arm of the chair, where a mild contortion articulates the subtle point where one becomes the other.

While Bai Lu takes on an uncanny resemblance to the traditional Chinese scroll chair, it is nonetheless unmistakably modern, poetic, and edgy.

LEMA, Italy