Invisible Rooms | Elle Decor Grand Hotel Exhibition

Invisible Rooms | Elle Decor Grand Hotel Exhibition

For this year’s installation, Neri&Hu seeks to break through the conventional and somewhat stagnant definition of a hotel. Typically understood as a collection of its utilitarian elements—lobby, rooms, restaurants, etc. Neri&Hu attempts rather, through the injection of narrative, to evoke new possibilities of what a hotel could be beyond its various functions.

Neri&Hu draws inspiration from the Italo Calvino classic, “Invisible Cities,” Just as Marco Polo presented the cities explored by category to Kublai Khan, INVISIBLE ROOMS divided the hotel into nine rooms, linked to the concept of hospitality, questioning our current concept of hotellerie.

Gross Area


Completion Date
October 2018

Display Date
October 5th – 21st, 2018

Palazzo Morando | Fashion Costume Images, via Sant'Andrea 6, Milan, Italy