Ham & Sherry

Ham & Sherry

Neri&Hu Design and Research Office was commissioned to design a concept Tapas Bar by Jason Atherton, called Ham & Sherry. In addition a secret cocktail bar is connected to the main Tapas Bar. To celebrate Spanish culture, Neri & Hu reinterpreted the Spanish traditional Moorish tile to create a spatial experience both inside and out. Typical of Spanish culture and the tapas bar typology, the space is designed to encourage conversation and for guests to move around while indulging on the best Spanish sherry and Jamón.

Central to the space is the bar, above which hangs a metal armature of black steel framing with glass and mirrored surfaces. As in any traditional bar, the hams hang from above within this steel encasement. This central bar extends next door to become the secret bar, the two separated by a black steel framed one way mirror screen. Visitors to the secret bar can enjoy an anonymous drink whilst playing spectator to the feast next door. At the top of the dividing screen clear glass panels gives the Ham & Sherry guest a hint of what may lie through the doors.

The existing concrete walls and concrete floor has been retained and forms the backdrop for the secret bar. Hanging from the higher ceiling is stainless steel framing with glass shelves displaying the liquor on offer. Fluorescent tube lights hangs from the structure, just as the hams next door. The concrete walls of the secret bar are filled with urban graffiti art, a gritty contrast to the blue Moorish motif.

The tiled pattern extends outwards and covers the bottom half of the entrance façade. Two glass protrusions become a doorway and a window to visually connect to the interior. The tiled façade wraps the building corner and continues down the narrow alley until it hits the door of the secret bar. There, the existing façade has been left untouched to emphasize the discovery of the unexpected located in a traditional Hong Kong alley. The entrance to the secret bar is through a stainless steel cube inserted into the existing concrete walls leading the customer to a most unusual cocktail experience.

Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2014, by Hong Kong Interior Design Association, Hong Kong, ChinaHam & Sherry, Food Space Category, Best 10
Best of Year Awards 2014, by Interior Design Magazine, New York, USAHam & Sherry, Project Design’ under Restaurant: Casual Dining Category, Finalist