Dior Prestige | Le Cabinet Extraordinaire
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Dior Prestige | Le Cabinet Extraordinaire

Neri&Hu's exploration of Le Cabinet Extraordinaire takes inspiration from yao xiang, the traditional Chinese medicine chest carried by a traveling physician in ancient China. Historically, the yao xiang is a compact wooden box with small drawers and a handle, and may contain herbs, prepared medications, and even small tools. Housed within this portable container is a condensation of all the physician’s essential ingredients for healing; with it, the physician is able to transport the wonders of his apothecary into the privacy of people's homes, to provide treatments in their most intimate environment.

Neri&Hu draws upon the yao xiang's original purpose of delivering individualized care and restorative treatment,but reinterprets it for the contemporary lifestyle with a touch of savoir-faire and understated luxury. Materials like silk and warm wood are highlighted with exquisite bronze details. The chest can be neatly closed and carried by its handle, or it can be situated and opened to reveal two mirrors that transform the box into a small vanity table. The limited-edition Dior Prestige products are showcased in individual compartments inside, including other wooden drawers for storing equally precious objects.

Dior, France