De La Espada | 98.6 ºF
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De La Espada | 98.6 ºF

In 1868 a German physician determined 98.6 °F to be the average body temperature after taking over one million temperatures from 25,000 individuals—this temperature has since become the widely accepted benchmark for “normal” body temperature.

What we take for granted as just “normal” is in fact our bodies’ highly calibrated ability to balance between a temperature too high (which would require the constant intake of nourishment to maintain), or too low (at which we become highly susceptible to infections).

The 98.6 °F outdoor collection is also deceptively simple in its outward presence—it is a versatile yet modest collection of wooden chairs and tables for everyday use. Upon closer examination, one begins to appreciate the tectonic sophistication of the pieces; using a pinwheel construction, each of the three axis reinforces one another, resulting in a chair that is robust and durable without any additional under-seat support. Structures on the two sides are connected by wide slats, creating a beautiful repetition of pattern, especially in longer pieces like the dining table and bench.

The collection consists of a dining side chair and armchair, a lounge chair, a bench, a side table, a coffee table, a dining table with two sizes, as well as a sofa with one / two / three-seater lengths.

De La Espada, Portugal