Cassina | 3to9 Collection
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Cassina | 3to9 Collection

In ancient China, a kite was known as a zhiyuan, meaning “paper kite,” kite referring to the bird of prey similar to a falcon or buzzard. Originally, they were used to deliver urgent messages, and over time, flying kites became a joyful pastime in the daily lives of ancient Chinese people. Various shapes and forms of kites were crafted and often flown around Qingming holiday in celebration of the spring season.

Inspired by the structure of a kite and its auspicious associations, Neri&Hu have created a lighting collection featuring the craftsmanship of kite-making. A translucent fabric wraps around the thin metal wire frame, similar to a traditional kite structure, and becomes the shade of the lamp. The light's thin section, meticulously examined to achieve the smallest feasible size, provides a gentle and elegant lighting effect on the subtle texture of the woven fabric. Designed as a modular system, the collection offers two modules of light shades with different lengths and a connecting structure between the modules, allowing for various combinations and installations, adding versatility to the collection.

Cassina, Italy