Agape | Immersion Collection
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Agape | Immersion Collection

As an accompaniment to the Immersion Bathtub, the Immersion Basin is similarly inspired by traditional timber bathing vessels used in Japan and China. The vertical grooves of the basin’s wooden base are an abstraction of the thin planks that bound together, formed the tall, narrow shape of the traditional tubs.

The soft matte white cristalplant bowl sits delicately atop the wooden podium, and features a thin edge with a modern straight outer profile and half-spherical inner profile. Both versions of the basin, like their counterpart bathtub, have a small footprint and are designed with the confined living spaces of urban dwellings in mind.

Observing the growing density of cities across the globe, Neri&Hu’s design addresses the increasingly confined living spaces that urban dwellers are confronted with. The Immersion bathtub, inspired by traditional timber bathing vessels used in Japan and China, is deeper than a standard tub and occupies a smaller footprint.

Similar to an onsen hot spring experience, the posture of bathing is more upright rather than reclined, but the added depth allows a full immersion of the entire body for deep relaxation, while also enjoying the steam as it rises off the water surface. The resulting design features minimal lines, maintains elegant proportions and offers a unique and luxurious bathing experience.

Agape, Italy